New News About the Rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 3

samsung galaxy note 3

Samsung continues to march out their new devices with the upcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Some reports show an international variant, called the SM-N900, being spotted passing through a certification in Indonesia. This very well may be a clear sign that the Note 3 is coming closer and closer to being released to the general public.

U-Suit Folio Premium for Samsung Galaxy Note - WhiteThe actual date of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 launch isn’t expected to arrive until early September, ahead of the IFA trade show in Berlin, Germany, but there have plenty of leaked rumors and sightings of the device that anyone who is looking for another Note would be quite excited.

The technical specs for the new Galaxy Note 3 do seem to be pretty good. The device is expected to possess a 5.7-inch 1080p display, quad-core processor either of the Exynos 5 or Qualcomm 800 caliber, a 13MP camera, and a design that mirrors the Galaxy S4. Of course, Samsung is going to continue with the design success that they have found within the S-series. Everyone seems to love the form factor and the larger screen.

Soft Suit Folio for Samsung Galaxy Note II - BlackAlso, following a trend that Samsung uses with the S-series of smartphones, there is expected to be several different variants of the Note 3 to please everyone.

This international certification is the first we have seen so far for the Note 3. As stated, the Note 3 is expected to come with a model number SM-N900 and it’s that model that has been spotted by Blog of Mobile passing through a certificationin Indonesia. The filing, discovered within the country’s POSTEL certification body, doesn’t reveal much a lot about the actual date of the release, but it is a sign that things could be progressing with the Galaxy Note 3.

The main wireless carriers have yet to confirm the Note 3 within their inventory, but that could be only a matter of time as we progress through summer towards September.

If things pan out for the Note 3, and the Apple products that so many have been expecting, it could be a wild buying season in September and October. Look for the fans to come out in droves to prove which manufacturer is better.

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